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Video Poker is a popular casino game. This section is designed to help you enjoy the experience of gambling with our online casino software while playing video poker at Music Hall Casino. With all casinos there are winners and losers, so understanding the video poker game can help you turn your purchases into a win. Beat the odds, it's not just all luck - and with these tips, it can help you play these video poker games for longer.

Deuces Wild Video Poker Jacks or Better Power Poker

The name of the game "Deuces Wild" refers to the fact that the deuces in the pack (those cards with a face value of 2) can stand in for any other card of any suit. It's like having 4 jokers in the pack! Whenever you get one or more deuces in your final hand, the computer will automatically assign a suit and value to it to give you the highest possible payout, in light of the other cards that you are holding. With all these 'wild cards' available, it makes it a lot easier to have the chance of creating a winning hand. The name of the game "Jacks or Better" refers to the fact that you must have a pair of Jacks or higher to win. If you are playing Power Poker, you are playing more than one hand at the same time, and thus this will increase your chances of winning!

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Video Poker Tips

  • When you choose to hold a card, it is kept for the duration of the hand. Once you click the Draw button, your un-held cards are re-dealt. Your final hand will determine the amount of winning you are to receive.
  • When you have completed the game, the total hand value of all hands is calculated and the total winnings added to your credits. If you have a winning hand you will have the option to double or collect your winnings.
  • The highest hand you can get in Video Poker is a Natural Royal Flush and it pays out around 4000 coins with five coins bet.
  • Special Tip: You generally have a greater probability of hitting a straight or a flush with 1 card missing than you have of hitting a full house with two pair.


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